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Janwaar Castle is a learning camp with a skatepark at its core. It's a social experiment and the goal is to transform the village of Janwaar into a wealthier and more prosperous place.

Untitled_Panorama1 copy
Photo by Vicky Roy, The Janwaar Castle Skatepark

Our skatepark at Janwaar Castle is THE center of attraction for all the kids in the village. It’s like a magnet.It’s so powerful that the kids go to government school more often now, because we’ve set up a rule: No government school, no skateboarding! And it works;-)

At Janwaar Castle we cooperate closely with the government school – we provided them computer and tablets for their own classes – and the principal is very interested in what we do. He clearly understands how the regular school can benefit from what we do. So this is ideal and gives us a lot of space to really do at Janwaar Castle what they would never ever do at school.

The skatepark is 450 sqm big. It’s the first park in rural India and it’s the largest one in India. We’ve started building in December 2014 and finished by February 2015. 12 volunteers from seven countries came for construction. Their names will be cherished at the park. With the support of skate-aid e.V. in Münster, Germany and freemotion in Delhi, India we’ve managed to provide 12 used skateboards and sets of helmets and safety pads. The park was financed through an auction. We’ve asked artists from around the world to turn a SKATEBOARD into an ARTBOARD. The invitation has been taken up not just by “hotshot” artists but also by the local kids. In short, we’ve assembled a richly diversified group of people who all wish to see social change and support it – for a wide variety of reasons in a wide variety of forms.

The general idea of the skatepark is to bring some fun into the children’s live and to let them learn new skills by playing. This will give them trust and confidence as they learn to develop new social skills and learn what it takes to commit themselves to a set goal. And on top of that it will strengthen their physical health and give them a better feeling of their bodies.

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