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Janwaar Castle is a learning camp with a skatepark at its core. It's a social experiment and the goal is to transform the village of Janwaar into a wealthier and more prosperous place.

In Janwaar we neither have Internet connectivity nor any network coverage. For a phone call, we need to drive at least for 4-5 km towards the main road. This is quite annoying sometimes, but somehow we’ve got used to it. What we desperately need though is Internet connectivity. If we get “on the net” it will literally take all our learning activities to the next level.

Sometimes the kids watch skateboarding movies and then try the tricks they’ve seen at the park!

Sometimes the kids watch skateboarding movies and then try the tricks they’ve seen at the park!

With the help of Osama Manzar and his Digital Empowerment Foundation we’ve done a feasibility study and we are ready to install a tower and all the necessary hardware. The total funds required are 1,70,000/-:

  • Tower setup cost – 50,000/- (20-meter tower required)
  • Bandwidth setup cost (20 Mbps) – 20000/-
  • Device cost – 20,000/-
  • Power backup – 20,000/-
  • Travels / Manpower – 30,000/-
  • Furniture (benches/tables) – 30,000/-

Additionally, the recurring cost will be 14000/- per month for bandwidth on a regular basis.

The project is on and hopefully, within two months the kids are on!

This is a huge step forward and we are sure that the Internet will uplift our kids to the next level of interaction with the outside world. The moment we have the Internet in Janwaar all our tablets and computers will go online, we will install SKYPE and start our own version of a school in the cloud. 

What does it mean – a school in the cloud? A school in the cloud is based on self-organised learning in small groups and on network principles. We will

  • bring in our network from around the world who will do regular SKYPE sessions with the kids
  • connect them with mentors from all different kind of fields (farming, arts, technology, health …)
  • let them explore the Internet itself
  • connect them with other school classes abroad and within India
  • encourage them to do their own writing

It’s really exciting to see all this coming to Janwaar – it will be awesome 🙂

If you want to support us in making this happening please donate to:
JanwaarCastle Community Organisation, HDFC Bank Ltd, Bank account: 50200018330071, IFSC: HDFC0000503

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